About Us

Luxury artificial floral arrangement inspired by still-life paintings for hotels, restaurants and private clubs in Canada.

Welcome to Modern Flowers Ltd.

We love to share the happiness that arises from being surrounded by flowers.

Located in Canada, we create ultra-large, bespoke, permanent floral arrangements, year round. We feature hand-made, extraordinary, florals using real touch, artificial blooms designed to last for years.


Luxury faux floral bouquets for establishments such as high-end restaurants, luxury hotels, conference facilities, art galleries and corporate buildings.

Award-winning, modern aesthetic.

Inspired by current fashion runway trends, and century-old master artwork, our design is vibrant, bold, and long lasting.

A distinctive collection of artificial flowers, for upscale venues across Canada

We are thoughtful towards the earth.

We specialize in permanent botanicals that will maintain their colour, texture, and beauty for years.

During the summer months, (May - Oct) we produce luxury flower packages for private events and weddings when flowers are in season in Western Canada.


Modern, luxury interior decor and artificial floral arrangements for restaurants, catering companies and wedding venues.

We are flower enthusiasts.

Modern Flowers Ltd. is an alumni of the Floret Flower Workshop, and is recognized as a Master Gardener by the Calgary Horticultural Society.

An alternative to live or fresh floral arrangements, these artificial flower arrangements are hand-crafted designs based on longevity and low maintenance.

We love creativity, beauty, and art.

Modern Flowers Ltd. team members have over 25 years experience in creative work, education, and art.

Our Creative Director, Dedre Toker, has completed the Certified Professional Florist program with the Canadian Institute of Floral Design.


We are pleased to bring this expertise to our creative work under the MOD-FRS quality brand. 


Large, Custom-made artificial flower arrangements embody luxury and sophistication, require minimal maintenance and are suitable for the rigors of a busy restaurant environment. Perfect for those looking for restaurant decor, hotel decor, luxury interior decor.